Powering Liquor Retail.

GULP is eCommerce and retail analytics software for the alcohol industry.


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Put the needs of your customer first.

The most successful retailers will be those who figured out how to quickly meet changes in the market. Our platform lets you adapt faster to market trends and market demands. 

Commerce Across Devices

GULP comes with unique user experiences for mobile and desktop, out-of-the-box 

Data Driven Experience

Get better customer data with real-time technology. Find trends and meet your evolving markets head-on.

Reward Loyalty

Let your customer apply their loyalty points to online purchases. And make sure they know how many points they’ll get on every item for purchase online.

Place the right product in front of the right customer.

GULP is a real-time platform that allows you to respond quickly to in-store and online consumer buying behaviours— and stay ahead of your competition.

Now you can deliver a truly personalized shopping experience to your customers. 

Seamless Integration.

GULP lets you to better manage, track, and analyze your products, customers, orders, and inventory. We easily integrate with your POS, analytics, and much more.  

Give the people what they want.

GULP comes equipped with the features every online customer demands, on any device. 

Users of your website can reorder anything from their order history.

Pick Up and Delivery 
Your customers can choose to pick up their order or have it delivered.

Gulp can connect and send orders to any delivery website or courier company you use.

Order Tracking 
Your customer gets text notifications when their order is ready for pick up or when it’s nearing their door for delivery.

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We aim to constantly be innovating our platform. It’ll give us good reason to email you updates. We’ll never send you anything that’s uninteresting.

Product Adaptability.

GULP is the eCommerce and analytics platform designed to grow alongside your business. Customizing GULP as your business evolves is easier than other headless eCommerce platforms in market.

Our product team keeps our partners informed of technology trends. We work to align useful technologies with our platform. And we’ll help you adopt new features that will maximize your investment.

Unlock real-time business insights.

GULP is the first retail alcohol platform that offers analytics, and merchandising applications, all designed to help convert visitors to sales — all in real time.

Track customer visits and visitor purchases
So you know what they’re looking at, searching for and buying. And know when to expect them.

Keep accurate inventory
For each and every one of your stores —no more unexpected shortages.

Automate Merchandising
As your online audience continues to interact with products on your website, GULP gets smarter and automatically displays products they want to buy.

Satisfied Customers

“I use to not even want to look at my website. All that our original web development company cared about was our contract and not the website…

Gulp is absolutely the best!!!!!

They gave us a brand new eCommerce system, listened to our feedback, and communicated with us along the way! We are so happy with Gulp. And that we have brought them on board to power our eCommerce growth.”

Maria DaSouza - Costless Liquor

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

GULP is feature-rich, right out of the gate.

Event Management

Create free, paid and VIP events. You can also allocate SKU’s and quantities to any event you crete. GULP updates the POS.



GULP sends emails and SMS’s to your staff and your customers. We keep everybody in the loop. 

Design For Any Device

GULP comes with two uniques designs for your Web and mobile visitors. We also incorporate staff features into mobile.

Data Analytics

GULP has market-leading data visuals. We focus on presenting real-time, and actionable sales operations data. 

Loss Prevention

GULP monitors and reports on physical count changes to inventory by staff members at the store level. 

Targeted Merchandising

GULP algorithmically merchandises your online store. Your online store will show products that are more likely to sell.  


GULP processes Credit Card and Mobile Payments. We even process Ali, Union and WeChat pay. 

Customer Profiles

Know who is buying what and when. Also, get to know your top customers’ buying habits.

Delivery Services

Don’t give a delivery service your private sales data or your customer. We send orders to any service of your choosing.

The GULP Team

A small but nimble team, making better commerce technology for liquor retail.

Ildar Samit

Co Founder Platform

Kirill Mikhailovich

Front End Developer

Elliott Lazor

Co Founder Product

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